• Session fee: from £395
  • Session length: 3 - 6 hours.
  • includes: in depth consultation, fantasy activation, tantric massage, sexual surrogacy, re-association training,  1-2-1 WhatsApp support for 14-28 days.

Compatibility coaching is a combination of tantric massage and transactional coaching for couples who are currently in an open relationship because their sex drives don't match.

Many gay couples are in an 'open' relationship, not because they both want to be, but because they are both 'tops' or both 'bottoms' or because the sexual attraction between them has dwindled yet their sex drives are still high, or because one of them has a higher sex drive than the other, and rather than causing friction by one party in the relationship not having their sexual needs met, they agree to have sex with other people in order that they don't put a strain on the relationship.

Although this can seem like a good idea in principal, the truth is that when we have sex with someone, our 'field' merges with theirs...

Have you ever gone in to a supermarket in a good mood, and come out totally stressed or exhausted?  Do you wonder why?  It is perhaps simply because you had a stressful shopping experience, but more often than not, we are not energetically centred, which makes us like energetic dry sponges able to absorb the energies of others without realising it.  So sometimes when we come out of the supermarket feeling contaminated, confused, angry, doubtful, wound up or just plain pissed off, it is because we have taken on the emotional energies of other people without realising it, and then mistaken those energies for our own.

The same is true for sex.  What this means is that in an 'open' relationship,  we can take on the energetic vibration of trauma, discomfort, loneliness, frustration or self doubt that actually belongs to the casual sex partners we choose to engage with, and then we accidentally take those energies back into our primary relationship, often causing the kind of distance or separation that we were looking to avoid by way of opening the relationship in the first place.   The result is that the depth of love we are able to experience with a primary partner can only go so deep before we hit a wall because we keep bringing confusing external energies into our primary relationship.

Compatibility training offers couples who are suffering from this phenomenon, to have a look at the areas of their relationship where distance has been created, and to learn how to start feeding those parts of the relationship appropriately, with care, with courtesy, with thoughtfulness and with foresight.  This training is providing the opportunity for many couples to explore just how deeply they can explore love with each other, and has brought many couples to new levels of love, trust and longevity.

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