How does a session end?

Just before the end of the session, I wrap myself around you (koala style), my forehead pressed against your temple, my hand still pouring hot reiki directly into your cunt, and utter the last Reiki symbol power phrase.  This creates a bridge or ladder between your base chakra and your heart chakra and we breathe (breath exchange), pulling the sexual energy up, chakra by chakra, letting it pour upwards into your heart, filling you with an alchemical gold, focused in a single direction through the understanding of love that resides in the heart; an alchemical gold that would otherwise disperse through the body and radiate out of you into the electromagnetic spectrum (potentially) without a specific focus.

In the days and weeks after a session, if you choose to masturbate whilst holding the same focus and intention that we held together during our session, you can use your orgasmic powers to bring more and more universal energy to the thing you have planted in your womb space.

It is a very exciting journey of self discovery you have found here.  Not a usual massage.  And the benefits are long lasting and almost magical for those who really understand what's available if they really...

Lean in...

At this point in the conversation, prospective clients would sometimes ask me to define what 'lean in' means... This is what I would tell them, and what I’m telling you, just for absolute clarity:

When your yoni is burning with the build-up of sensual energy, we may also be kissing while I continue to move the energy higher and higher in your body, and the desire to surrender, not to me but to yourself with me as your witness, will be strong. Fight it if you wish… and then surrender - and if you can’t, that’s fine too. That’s what we work with. There is no right or wrong.

And if you are willing to let me lead you (you can hold onto my cock again here for comfort or security) to the place where your heart can communicate with your womb, your cunt and your brain in a symbiotic language, free of judgements and other trappings, magic can really start to happen in your life...

While we are in the afterglow - I will recite you a poem from my extensive repertoire while I hold you close and cuddle you…

Something like THIS

How do I know it works?

Clients are coming back to me with phenomenal results and transformational stories again and again.

If this is your first time, I recommend you start with either a full session (£245) or an extended session (£495).  Both sessions have the power to alter your life.  The extended session includes 21-28 days aftercare to help you really break those old cycles and patterns for good.

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