Inspired media that is working towards the same goals as T.R.O.J.A.N Horse.  Most of these videos are short, deeply inspiring and wonderfully moreish.  I invite you to watch them all.  I have been a YouTube hound for 15 years and ALL of these are the best of the best.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please remember you can switch on the subtitles by clicking on the settings tab in the bottom right hand corner of the video (looks like a cog) and selecting 'subtitles' from the drop-down menu.


Dedicated to the Warrior that lives inside a Bear

"It's a lie to think you're not good enough.  It's a lie to think you're not worth anything."

One of the most inspirational short talks the internet has to offer

Scars to your beautiful - by Alessia Cara . . . wow.


If we are moving at 77,000km per hour through the Universe, where are we going?


An example of what upcoming future-tech discoveries could be used for if used for good


When we learn to master what we love, we start to live


A new kind of poetry - quantum physics for the artistic soul


A message from our future selves, calling us forth as agents of change and hope


Transforming duality


Andy and Larry Wachowski (Matrix Directors) in a rare interview on their movie 'Bound' the last interview they did before Larry Wachowski became Lana Wachowski


Lana Wachowski accepting her award from the Human Rights Campaign - a most comprehensive insight into the journey of a transgendered person I have ever seen


Brene Brown -  a cartoon explaining what Empathy is and why it is crucial to our survival


Corporations can change too


Stephen Fry rocks the Catholic Church to its foundations


Graceful revolution is not only possible.  It is inevitable.


Genius in action:  the legenary Tim Minchin with his razor sharp conscious comedy


The Greeks had specific words for different kinds of 'love'.  The most powerful, authentic and inspired kind was called 'agápē' and it is born from your gratitude for life.  It is so beautifully explained here, I challenge you to not cry (or at least well up) when you watch it.  It gets me every time!


The divine path


A short film about a child and a miracle.  Timeless and award winning