I will bring session tools with me to your home or hotel room, to recalibrate the environment in accordance with what is needed for the perfect session (singing bowl at 528 Hz, Apophyllite crystals, incense, organic raw coconut oil, candles).

I don't use a massage table as I need more space to climb on top of you than a regular table will allow.  The ideal space for your session is your bedroom.  If you could boil a full kettle of water prior to my arrival for the heating of the massage oil, and cover your bed in 3 large fresh towels to protect your mattress, that is all you need do to prepare the space for my arrival.

If possible I suggest that you have a hot bath or shower before I arrive as this will help to relax your muscles.  Set a room temperature that is comfortable.

During the session I will ask you at several stages if you like what I am doing and the level of pressure I'm applying.  At certain points (peak moments during the session), I may ask you to recall a desire or wish from your consultation - this energetically bolts your wish to the high vibrational energy of your peak state.

Unlike other massages, there is a level of interactive behaviour you are invited to engage with during the session.  Invitations are subtle yet obvious, and your intuition will lead you to engage with the session as fully as is appropriate for you.

Should you feel uncomfortable at any stage during the session, you can pause the process simply by saying the word 'pause'.  It is important that you get the maximum benefit from the session, and having a 'safe' word allows you to be fully relaxed.

In the history of T.R.O.J.A.N Horse,  no client has ever needed to pull the emergency cord.