• Session fee: £245 / £495
  • Session length: 2/3 hours.
  • includes: in depth consultation (past analysis, future roadmapping), tantric massage, disassociation training, re-association training, 1-2-1 WhatsApp support for 14 / 28 days.

Quantum physics has recently changed the way we look at the very nature of reality.  As it turns out, we live in a quantum universe where everything is always in constant flux.

The implications of this for the average human being are vast.  If we understand these implications and start to behave accordingly we can totally remodel the way we relate to the Universe.  T.R.O.J.A.N Horse is delighted to be able to offer this new modular series where we combine tantric massage with focused intention to produce results that imprint themselves in every cell in your body over a period of weeks.

The series requires focus, discipline and regular practice.  Essentially it is like a recalibration process.  Imagine you are a tuning fork.  When you first came here your natural keynote was a perfect middle C.  But over time, outside influences and intrusive vibratory frequencies have muddied your keynote and you now vibrate at something more like an F #.  Fmeeeeeeeeee#.  It's not nice!

As such you are a magnet for all things F # and a repellent of all things middle C.  But if you master the art of recalibration and find your way back to middle C, you become a magnet for all things middle C once again, as you were always meant to.

Life becomes easy and graceful, and you learn to accept all things as they arrive, in a state of constant gratitude and thanks.

When the practice is mastered, all things become delightful, you begin to lose interest in habits that don't serve you, and seek out habits and practices that are going to extend your life, your health, your wellbeing and your hunger for wisdom.  This, in turn decreases the likelihood of Alzheimer's, cancer, physical degradation and disconnection.

As a basic example, here is a demonstration of how our solar system moves through space:  In the old 2D models that most of us have grown up with, we visualise the sun as static in space, and all the planets orbiting the Sun at different distances.

However, the Sun is actually hurtling through space at great speed, and the planets that surround it (including the Earth) are actually being dragged in it's wake, pulled along behind by the hugely unappreciated force of gravity.

Welcome to the helical model of the Universe (and welcome to T.R.O.J.A.N Horse technology):

The most tremendous visual recreation of how our solar system actually works.

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