Based on the South Devon Coast, T.R.O.J.A.N Horse uses touch (to put it mildly) to move the mountains of internalised homophobia and inspire the Greatness in you till you can't keep it down any more.

I was being interviewed recently about T.R.O.J.A.N Horse and the interviewer asked my to describe internalised homophobia.  And I struggled to answer succinctly.  

Then last night I was about to tuck into an episode of Hannibal on Netflix and I clicked on the wrong thumbnail and found myself watching a comedian called Hannah Gadsby.  The show is called: Nanette.

OMG. It blew my mind. She is as good as Bill Hicks.  And although she is a lesbian rather than a gay man, her show spoke so profoundly it made me cry in places.  She’s done something with comedy that no one has ever done before.  And it answers the question I struggled to answer with the interviewer.  Not just for herself but for ALL of us.

So if you’re wanting to watch something engaging and provocative and masterfully created, watch Hannah Gadsby: Nanette.



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