With an ITEC massage qualification from Sussex University, 12 years Reiki training and 8 years tantric sensual practice to back it up, T.R.O.J.A.N Horse massage is a seamless blend of these three ancient holistic practices, bringing you a state-of-the-heart disruptive technology that is both practical in its application and long lasting in its effects.

T.R.O.J.A.N Horse is delighted to be able to offer a service like no other, allowing men across the sexuality spectrum to reconnect their heart to the process of 'making love' in the most literal sense of the phrase:

It has long been known that the human heart, when treated with respect by its custodian, is capable of generating unfathomable amounts of 'unconditional love' which is (as quantum physics has recently discovered) the very life blood of the Universe and everything in it.  Otherwise referred to as 'source energy' this inexhaustible force seems scarce on the Earth in our complex modern world.  In the same way, oxygen seems scare to anyone who has been taught that we live in a vacuum and that we are supposed to live life holding our breath.

When we remember to simply open our mouths and breathe, we remember that oxygen is literally all around us.  The same is true of unconditional Love or 'source energy'.  And T.R.O.J.A.N Horse offers practical tools to harness and redirect masculine sexual energy in the direction of our higher purpose and hidden truth, whatever that may be.  Re-Membering how to 'make love' has rarely been such an engaging process.

Whoever said that the path to rediscovering inner peace couldn't be both sexy and spiritually rewarding at the same time?