A little about me...


I'm Simon... Hello :-)

I'm a tantric sex coach, bodywork specialist and practitioner of sex magic.  I work with clients so closely that during session, we are making love in the truest sense of the expression:

Making love - the truth

We blend Tantra, Reiki and full body massage seamlessly together in the psycho-spiritual matrix until it feels like we are swimming in a vast and endless ocean of positive energy.  This isn't just a feeling.  It is a real place: the threshold of the Absolute where ALL things start to become accessible.

In this ocean, our hearts both switch on and begin to spin faster and faster, like the engines of a submarine starting up after a thousand years of dormancy on the ocean bed.

Starting up the Submarine

As our hearts gear up towards full power, they become generators of Universal Energy (otherwise known as Love).  And when your heart is a generator of Love, you are a 'love making entity', and a magnet for positive experiences to seek you out and broaden your capacity for kindness, generosity and good fortune.

Making love (for many people) seems to be reserved for sexual union, but if we press the right buttons, we can make love in everything we do, everything we say, everything we think, and everything we create.


During this experience, I am the practitioner and you are the client.  So you can lose yourself completely in the vast and endless ocean, without the fear of getting lost.   I am your guide, and I will bring you home.

Structure and direction

With a 'bookend' style consultation either side of a session, the Tantra we generate together is directed towards an area of your life that hasn't been getting enough attention, or the right kind of attention.

Who comes to see me?

Clients are finding their way into this work from all over the place; so far I have worked with CEO's, priests, international translators, marketing specialists, actors, entrepreneurs, spiritual healers, retirees...  I'm holding out for an astronaut but there aren't that many in Devon... and we undergo the adventure together to facilitate a co-created transformation in your life.

What do I want out of all this?

Ultimately I am interested in YOU using ME as a mirror to become more engaged in YOU and more connected to your higher purpose.  You will be able to get extremely close to me.  I will share personal stories about myself and my insecurities, successes, darkness, joy or some other aspect of my journey, as long as it is relevant to the path we are walking together.

So you will get to know me well; perhaps even better than some friends or lovers... but I am still the practitioner and you are still the client.

And we work with Disruptive Technology to format and re-calibrate limiting belief systems and negative patterns around sex, money, relationships, body image and self-care.

What do you think so far?

A) Stop now you crazy boy!

B) Wow!  What is Disruptive Technology and what does it have to do with tantric massage?