What is Disruptive Technology?

T.R.O.J.A.N Horse uses disruptive technology to fast track what regular therapy can sometimes take months or years to achieve.

Disruptive technologies are about the spectrum of new ways we have at our disposal to interrupt standard patterns in the brain.  Once interrupted, alternative programming (breaking out of old habits, patterns and cycles) becomes much easier than most people realise.

Yes but WHY?

As a practitioner I combine tantric massage with disruptive technology because when someone is feeling open and sexy and relaxed, they are actually in their MOST effective learning state.


Although T.R.O.J.A.N Horse is based in tantric massage, it goes much deeper than most, and is used as a recalibration tool for the bits of your life that aren't quite to your satisfaction: money, work, love, loneliness, direction, enthusiasm, partnership... You know... that sort of stuff...

This is why...

T.R.O.J.A.N Horse uses tantric massage to help you connect to your 'zero point'.  This turns you into a magnet for the things you want to attract into your life.  It is VERY powerful because it uses your sensual energy to tap directly into the quantum field.

At the end of the session, the energy gets channelled in and up to your heart, (your personal door to 'zero point') rather than down and out in the form of a physical release.  This is how to generate and use Tantra most effectively.

How does this sound so far?

A) Quack nonsense

B) I'm intrigued.  Tell me more.  What does a session entail?